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Tomatis Testimonials

"By far the best self improvement technique that I've experienced.  After only a couple of hours after using the therapy it was like I was hearing music and sounds for the first time, I was able to listen and hear inflections, frequencies & vibrations in a completely new way.  After only a few days I noticed that I had begun breathing deeper and more fully.  Since completing the first 13 day intensive I've been much more in touch with my emotions as well as developed deeper connections with those around me.  I would recommend this to anyone who may be looking to gain richer sensory and emotional experience's." --Client (age 36)

"I don't just feel calm, I don't just feel energized, I feel regulated"--Client (age 74)

"I was skeptical, but I'm so glad I tried this. I have suffered bouts of anxiety and depression all my life and I've never felt better and more confident" --Client    (age 38)

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