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Parenting A Child with Special Needs

As a parent of a child with special needs, you might be feeling like you have nobody to turn to, nobody who understands your struggle and you might even be feeling guilty for feeling this way. After all, it's your child who is suffering not you. The truth is that parents suffer alongside their children. When your child hurts, you hurt and you have every right to speak to that pain and have someone support you through it. 


I have been working with families and individuals with special needs since 2004. I understand the impact that a child with special needs can have on the whole family. 

With a particular passion for this area of my work, I would be honoured to walk along side you in this journey and help restore a sense of hope and happiness for you and your family.

Whether you are waiting for an assessment or searching for next steps, let's talk about what you can do now to help yourself and the wonderful child you know and love.

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