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Tomatis® Sound Therapy 

People can hear well and listen poorly.  While hearing is a passive function, listening requires an ability to attune to what is important and leave out or protect ourselves from unnecessary sounds. Your ability to do this can have far reaching implications for your emotional well-being, learning ability, communication, balance and coordination.

Based on our functional listening assessment, Tomatis® sound therapy uses individually tailored sound stimulation to retrain the ear to listen well and work holistically with the other sensory systems in the body. Restoration of the listening function can have dramatic results for your overall health and well being.


If you are curious about exploring your listening function contact me today for an assessment.




Who Can Benefit?

The Tomatis® method is for adults and children of all ages. It is a technique that I use to help with a variety of conditions including:

  • Stress 

  • Anxiety and Depression

  • Attachment disorders

  • Developmental Delays 

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder

  • Issues with Focus and Attention

  • ADHD

  • Brain Fog

  • Personal Development

  • General Well Being

  • Preparation for Childbirth

How Does It Work?

During Tomatis® listening sessions music is transmitted to the ear with sudden changes in tone, timber, and intensity. The pattern of unpredictable change acts as novel stimuli, surprising and stimulating the brain and the sensory neurons that are sensitive to sound. This action restores the brains ability to accurately analyze sensory messages. The results of this process can improve mood, attention, motor coordination, learning, and more. 

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